Columbia Excelso Vs. Columbia Supremo

CUSTOMER QUESTION: What’s the difference between Columbia Excelso and Columbia Supremo? Which one is a higher grade?

ANSWER: The only difference is that Columbia Supremo is bigger beans, which doesn’t affect the taste. Excelso and Supremo will vary in taste from each other and from their own crops because it all comes from various farms and various crop yields. Columbia’s coffee association, Fedecafe, does a good job in making sure the coffee is at least very good. Fedecafe also created the popular Juan Valdez character… quite smart on their part.

Juan Valdez is a stud

Columbia’s coffees get a bad wrap in the specialty coffee industry because the country’s farms don’t often offer the most distinct flavors in their beans. At Booskerdoo, we LOVE quality Columbia coffee because of it’s “the coffee that tastes like coffee.” Our Jersey DINER blend celebrates this style using 80% Columbia Supremo, offering an extremely flavorful rendition of this classic coffee.

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